Inside Wuhan’s Lockdown: The Locals

Since January 23rd, the city of Wuhan has been under lockdown. 11 million people have been subjected to unprecedented quarantine restrictions for more than a month.

As public discontent has grown, the state has clamped down and restricted communications in social media. Authorities have silenced critics and arrested citizen journalists, including Fang Bin , Chen Qiushi and Li Zehua.

Not everyone is willing to stay silent though. We spoke to some locals who have experienced heartbreaks, but determined to fight the battle.

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《早辰 早晨》: 全球各地女抗爭者



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Standing Together: Ethnic Minorities in the Extradition Protests

Among those participating in the extradition protests since June are not only Chinese, but also members of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority groups.

While they might not be the most recognisable in the movement, some of them are walking the extra mile to chant their beliefs on street and supporting the frontline.

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