Standing Together: Ethnic Minorities in the Extradition Protests

Among those participating in the extradition protests since June are not only Chinese, but also members of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority groups.

While they might not be the most recognisable in the movement, some of them are walking the extra mile to chant their beliefs on street and supporting the frontline.

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Intellectuals in China’s Re-education Camps

In our final report, our producer reports from Almaty, Kazakhstan on how intellectuals and professionals are being sent to the re-education centres, despite hardly being in need of “vocational training”.

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Ethnic Kazakhs in China’s Re-education Camps

As we reported last week, detainees in China’s re-education camps are not only Uyghurs but also ethnic Kazakhs.

Kazakhstan shares a 660-mile border with China. Many of those lucky enough to be released from the re-education camps say they were physically and emotionally traumatised by the experiences.

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