Interview with AIDS expert & virologist Dr David Ho (何大一)

As Covid-19 continues to ravage societies and blight or even end the lives of many, scientists are looking for different types of therapeutic treatments to treat and prevent the coronavirus. One such initiative involves antibodies.

In this week’s show, we talked to Dr David Ho online about his recent pioneering research into using human antibodies to fight Covid-19.

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《早辰 早晨》: 全世界無學返



聯合國秘書長古特雷斯,尋日發文指出,截至七月中,全球有超過 160 個國家同地區嘅學校,處於停課嘅狀態。至少 4 千萬個小朋友,係疫情下,失去學前教育嘅機會,係有史以黎對教育最嚴重嘅破壞。

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《早辰 早晨》: 押後選舉?




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Inside India’s Lockdown

In this week’s show, we looked at the world’s second most populous country, India. Currently, it has the fourth-highest number of Covid-19 cases globally, and the highest number in Asia.

India, home to 1.3 billion people, is currently undergoing one of the world’s strictest lockdowns.

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World Health Organisation’s Handling of Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been criticised for its slowness in declaring the coronavirus to be a global pandemic, and for defending China’s handling of the epidemic.

A few places have seemed to have things more under control though. One of them is Taiwan.

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