Hong Kong: Our Year of 2019

Hong Kong has been gripped by huge and at times violent protests since the extradition bill was first introduced in June.

The unrest has seen millions of people took to the street to pressure the government to withdraw the bill and respond to the “five demands”.

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Lawyers at the Frontline

Over 2,600 people have been arrested since the extradition protests started in June. Nearly a third of them are under 18 years old.

When police starts making mass arrests after clashes with the protesters, that’s when “volunteer lawyers” take to the street to start their night of pro bono legal assistance for arrested protesters.

In this show, we followed a young barrister-at-law overnight in providing pro bono legal assistance for arrested protesters.

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Standing Together: Ethnic Minorities in the Extradition Protests

Among those participating in the extradition protests since June are not only Chinese, but also members of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority groups.

While they might not be the most recognisable in the movement, some of them are walking the extra mile to chant their beliefs on street and supporting the frontline.

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《早辰 早晨》: 無法無天



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《早辰 早晨》: 警方的法律理據


我地翻查法庭文件,發現係1994年 R v. Chong Ah-Choi 案件中,時任包致金大法官認為,由於「適合用作傷害他人物品」當中嘅「適合」定義太廣闊,已經裁定呢項理據係違犯《香港人權法案條例》,以後都唔可以再被用作定罪基礎。

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