Wuhan Pneumonia

On Saturday, China reported the first fatality of a 61-year-old man who died from the new strain of coronavirus known as the “Wuhan pneumonia”.

Most of the infected patients have had contact with the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market, where wild animals were sold.

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《早辰 早晨》: 無法無天



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Human Genome Editing

Last month, He Jiankui became the centre of a global firestorm when he publicly claimed that he had created the world’s first embryos genetically edited to be resistant to HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS.

Speaking to a room packed with over 200 reporters and scientists at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the University of Hong Kong, He revealed that another pregnancy involving a genetically-modified embryo is under way.

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Rare Diseases & Drug Formulary

So far, the Hong Kong government doesn’t have any official definition of rare disease or any specific policy to support these patients. As these diseases inevitably affect only a limited number of people, they pose special challenges due to insufficient  knowledge or training in the medical sector, and due to the high drug costs for treatment.

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Special Care Dentistry

It can be difficult for people with intellectual or physical disabilities to find a dentist willing and able to take care of their teeth. But the “Loving Smiles Service”, a pilot service for individuals aged 18 or above with intellectual disability fills this gap.

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