June 4th 31st anniversary: Former HKFS Chairman, Kenneth Lam

“In both the 1989 crackdown and the anti-extradition protests, I see many ordinary people fighting for a bigger cause. That includes those who protected Hong Kong’s system last year, and those who fought for democracy and freedom in 1989. They chose to sacrifice themselves. As a result, even though we see that China heightened political surveillance since 1989 and we can’t see any end of the tunnel after the anti-extradition protests, we will remember everyone’s commitment to the movements. It’s moments like this that remind me of each and every one of them. They also reminded us that the glory of human nature is priceless. Because of this we see that the 1989 movements and the anti-extradition protests, moved many people and inspired them to show support.” - Kenneth Lam, Lawyer

It’s thirty-one years since the June 4th crackdown in Tiananmen Square but for many of those who witnessed it, the memories remain sharp. This includes Kenneth Lam, the chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Students in 1989. He was in the Square that night to support the students from Beijing.

Having survived the crackdown, Kenneth considers it a lifelong personal duty to mourn the dead and speak the truth.

Archive link at RTHK (2020-06-05):

5 thoughts on “June 4th 31st anniversary: Former HKFS Chairman, Kenneth Lam

  1. It’s particularly touching to see people at Kenneth’s age still trying their best to contribute HK’s democratic movement at their capacity. Many people who criticized Beijing crackdown have now become the core members of the pro-establishment camps. Kenneth definitely fulfilled his personal promise that he spent countless hours to help the arrested protestors and even employed one of them.

    It’s also a good news for Kenneth and the Law Society that their team won most seats for the election this year, despite the lopsided proxy votes which recommended by Ms. Melissa Pang. Hope the “open-minded” camp will continue to win more seats in the coming years.

    P.S. Great to see you hosting “This Morning” after three months!

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      1. Haha yeh! I often watch the programme before heading to work. I don’t recall your appearance between April and May unless you hosted on the days I missed.


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