Hong Kong: Our Year of 2019

“I wish the district councils can reflect the voices from the anti-extradition bill movement, and include protesters’ demands, such as the need to set up an independent investigation committee, in the agendas of the councils. Although we might not have the power to alter government decision-making, if all 18 district councils include such demands into their own agendas, I believe this could reflect the voices of grassroots citizens via the councils.” – Lawrence Lau, Councillor of Yau Yat Chuen, Sham Shui Po District Council

“My wish for 2020 is of course is the same as each and every Hong Kong person: that the “five demands” can be met. We all know that the possibility is very, very slim so I also hope that while we keep fighting for the “five demands” we don’t forget our cause and continue to care more about our city.” – Jordan Pang, Councillor of Sai Wan, Central & Western District Council

Hong Kong has been gripped by huge and at times violent protests since the extradition bill was first introduced in June. The unrest has seen millions of people took to the street to pressure the government to withdraw the bill and respond to the “five demands”.

As 2019 comes to close the police have arrested over 6,100 people and remanded over 1,600 in connection with the ongoing protests. More than 40% of them are students. Just 17% or so of those arrested have been charged.

So far the movement has shown no sign of coming to an end. Join us as we talked to different people of what 2019 is like for them, and their wishes for 2020.

Archive link at RTHK (2019-12-28):


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