Full interview: Lawrence Lok SC on Rule of Law and Police Forces

“I can also understand some police officers are feeling frustrated because of their work pressure. But then again, they’re trained police officers. They’re professional disciplinary enforcers and they should not really be guided by their impulse. They should be guided by their reasons. All the more reasons than the protesters.” – Lawrence Lok SC, Member of Hong Kong Bar Council

On November 8 the High Court judge ruled in favour of the press to exempt journalists from ban granted to police on publishing personal details of officers amid fears over doxxing. The judge said he had to struck a balance between press freedom and protection of the police; and that no one should tell judges how to perform their roles.

Earlier on, I talked to Lawrence Lok SC for his take on the current state of unrest in the city. Lok is regarded as one of the four best criminal barristers in Hong Kong. He currently serves as a member of the HK Bar Council.

The highlight of this interview was aired in the award-winning story: “Lawyers at the Frontline”

4 thoughts on “Full interview: Lawrence Lok SC on Rule of Law and Police Forces

  1. I am still impressed by Mr. Lawrence Lok’s opinion on SCMP, and his “Letter to Hong Kong” on RTHK Radio 1 after six months.

    Central People’s Government and Hong Kong officials merely reiterate “rule of law”, to justify their arrests of protesters and political leaders, will not end the movement in a sudden. They often accuse the youths participating the movement, as they were either incited or “foreign masterminds” plotted everything. They fail to recognize Hong Kong people are absolutely outstanding with their talents and creativity (A couple of examples would be G20 campaigns and the anthem “Glory to Hong Kong”).

    Much to Hong Kong’s people disappointment is HKPF never apologized and held responsible for their wrongdoings. Although only a small amount of protesters engaged in more violent acts, a considerable amount of public do sympathize with them, different roles like “parents” and “drivers” are developed to protect and even offer shelter to youths whose parents are pro-establishment. If Police could arrest hundreds of people on 1 Jan outside SOGO for so-called “unlawful assembly”, why couldn’t they do the same on 21 July? If they could dedicate so much time to arrest the masked protesters as they trace different CCTVs, how on earth they couldn’t arrest those attacked press members that not even masked? The excessive force that HKPF used, which witnessed by Mr. Lok and everyone of us, yet no commander nor officers held accountable till today.

    I am relatively surprised that Mr.Lok’s pupil–Mr. Edwin Choy wrote another opinion titled
    “Hong Kong Bar Association has been shamefully silent on protester violence and those who support it”, it seemed to me that he took a drastic change in his personal stance from a year earlier, where he defended Edward Leung and described him “did not run away from his duties as a “young citizen” in the face of democratic regression”, and confessed “the current situation was partly created by the older generations – such as high-ranking officials – who “evaded their responsibilities” but accuse Hong Kong youth of being troublemakers”, I hope he would not follow the footsteps like Ronny Tong in a bid to become senior officials

    The recent report on Hong Kong senior judges, and several court decisions, made many questioned about the independence of Hong Kong’s judicial system. Some judges blatantly believed Police as credible witness when he had to read the testimony from his palm, or the outrageous behavior from the prosecutor in Au Nok-hin’s case. The worries expressed by Lord Patten and Prince Charles have unfortunately proven true over the last couple of weeks. Despite the future is looking dark and gloomy, we must stay strong and believe “Whatever the challenges ahead, nothing should bring this meteor crashing to earth, nothing should snuff out its glow. I hope that Hong Kong will take tomorrow by storm. And when it does, History will stand and cheer. “– Final remark of Patten’s last policy address.

    The interview with Mr. Lok should deserve much more attention had it released any other time. Many of the audience have overlooked as it was in the middle of Tsz-Lok’s death and the city-wide strikes in November.

    Due to other ongoing projects, it took me longer than expected to complete the review. I hope it won’t be long till I finish another one!

    Congratulations to everyone of you in RTHK on winning the awards in 2020 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards. You all deserve the recognition!


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