Standing Together: Ethnic Minorities in the Extradition Protests

“Everybody is taking a risk and they calculate the risks and weigh up where their hearts stand as to where they want to keep silent or they won’t accept silence anymore… This is a time to stand up for our own home and it would be really nice to be acknowledged in that manner by the broader community, and I think we can get there.” – Puja Kapai, Associate Prof of Dept of Law in the University of HK

“I’m definitely the minority among my own ethnic community who is willing to stand out. Don’t limit yourself because of the name “ethnic minority”. If we unite with Hong Kong people, we are the majority as well.” – Kelly (pseudonym), Nepali student

“We can see from this movement that we are labeling each other. The police called the protesters “cockroaches” and the protesters called the police “dogs”. From what I’ve learned in my life, if someone attacks you by labeling you, and you do the same, it’s useless. Because exactly that has happened to me. Many people call me an “Ah Cha”. Since I was a kid, I’ve felt very bad when I heard this. I understand why everyone feels so angry and yells it on impulse. But this doesn’t solve anything. I know how bad it feels to be labelled by someone else, but this just makes things worse.” – Hassan, Nepali & Pakistani student

Among those participating in the extradition protests since June are not only Chinese, but also members of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority groups. While they might not be the most recognisable in the movement, some of them are walking the extra mile to chant their beliefs on street and supporting the frontline. All because they care about this city as much as anyone else.

Archive link at RTHK (2019-9-28):

4 thoughts on “Standing Together: Ethnic Minorities in the Extradition Protests

  1. I feel the same thing as the ethic minority in Hong Kong who is not afraid to stand out in this Hong Kong movement.

    In fact, I and the people living in Mainland China, who are still fighting against the GFW to block most Chinese people to access to the truth are somehow absolute minority in China, we know what’s happening everyday in Hong Kong, and we all feel sad and angry.

    Hong Kongers, resist !

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      1. BTW, will you be interested to know how we minority Chinese are thinking about Hong Kong and of course China, I just hope you Hongkongers to know, we are not blind, we are not the brainwashed Chinese and 五毛. Due to the hard repression in Mainland China, we can’t say what we really think, but that doesn’t mean all mainlanders are as foolish as what the dictator authority want you to see.

        If possible, I would like to do an interview with you, to let Hongkongers to know, we are with you , we stand for Hong Kong, we stand for freedom and democracy everyone should be entitled to.

        Glory to Hong Kong!


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