Reporting in South East Asia: Maria Ressa & Steven Gan


“So really for democracy to survive, you’ll need journalism. For those who are trying to destroy democracy, they know the easy way out to undermine democracy is to kill journalism and that’s what they are trying to do. That is what we have to defend. We have to stop them.” – Steven Gan, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of Malaysiakini

Authoritarian style government would take away without having to declare anything and if you give it up, you give up the line, you’ve already lost that space.” – Maria Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor of Rappler

In Reporters Without Borders latest World Press Freedom Index, the Asia Pacific region is described as being one of the world’s deadliest regions for journalists as they try to work under some of the world’s worst dictatorships and authoritarian governments.

Conditions for journalists in the Philippines are acutely bad as a result increasing efforts by the government to control the media, using a compromised judiciary imposing which has shown itself willing to impose fines and prison sentences on journalists who do not toe the government line.

The Philippines is also literally a life threatening place for journalists. The situation in Malaysia is less acute but journalists are well aware of the knife edge on which they operate. 

Archive link at RTHK (2019-6-01):

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