Recycling Red Packets/ Laisee


「我們都希望在(日常生活中),小小的細節裡面,讓他們諗番,其實我自己嘅生活習慣都已經改變到,或者做咗依啲東西都已經能夠對環境慢慢有影響。不單是自己做,也可以影響身邊的朋友以至慢慢社會的風氣能夠改變。」-綠領行動 葉翠雯

The Year of the Pig arrived on February 5th. In Chinese tradition, the pig is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and for most young people, their first touch of newfound wealth for each Lunar New Year comes in the form of money-filled red packets or envelopes, known as “lai see” in Cantonese. It’s a traditional way to share your good fortune.

Do you usually keep or throw away the emptied red packets?

Do you know how many emptied red packets are disposed of every year?

According to environmental organisation “Greeners Action”, at least 12 million empty red packets were recycled last year. This year, those unwanted envelopes were given a new lease of life.

Archive link at RTHK (2019-2-9): 

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