Para-athletes in HK


「我哋運動員要精英制,咁最後個目標係乜嘢呢?係比較緊成績。小朋友去學運動,你又要攞個成績,人哋先至會覺得你係勁。但係運動個本身嘅意義唔係你要去攞第幾名,運動本身個意義係要訓練你去成長。」- Wing Lam, Para-rower

Over 3,000 athletes with disabilities from 43 Asian countries and regions, took part in the 3rd Asian Para Games in Jakarta, which ended on October 13th.

Hong Kong sent a 173-member delegation. By the end of the competition, its athletes ranked 10th on the metal tally with 11 gold, 16 silver and 21 bronze medals. It’s the best result the team has ever achieved. But in terms of resources and subsidies, Hong Kong Paralympics athletes find themselves treated somewhat like poor relatives.

Archive link at RTHK (2018-10-27):

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