TRAVEL VLOG – Us three in Ishigaki 2018

This is my first travel vlog recording my summer trip to Ishigaki with my friends, Priscilla and Yannie. From filming to editing, I’m glad I was able to transfer my knowledge and skills in reviving some of the best moments of the journey.

Ishigaki is a beautiful place but recently its coastal environment has become increasingly polluted by tourism and the rise of sea temperature. Almost 80% of the corals we saw were dead. It’s very sad and I wouldn’t recommend going on the coral reef tour as you’re bounded to step on the coral reefs when you make your way out to the sea.

Nevertheless, hope you enjoy watching the vlog as much as I do!


– Cafe Sunkiss

– 石垣島きたうち牧場ハンバーガー店

– 觀音崎燈塔

– 幻之島 + 青之洞窟

– Iriomote-jima


– Our amazing tour guide Daisuke from 西表島カヌーツアー風車

– Well-prepared Priscilla for her GoPro & Dji

– Composer Lakey Inspired:

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