Liu Xia in Germany

我是希望她出去後先能夠,平靜一下調養一下身體,調理一下心情,然後再慢慢開始她的新生活,我就是覺得千斤重擔落地了吧 。-劉霞胞弟 劉暉

Her arms wide open, Liu Xia embraces the first taste of freedom after years of round-the-clock surveillance.

These photos were taken on Tuesday, during a stopover at Helsinki Airport, just hours after she had left Beijing.

Her release came just three days before the first anniversary of the death of her husband, Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, from liver cancer. He had died as he had lived many of his final years, in custody.

In the afternoon, Liu landed at Berlin’s Tegal airport. She was immediately ushered into a black van provided by the German government.

However, while Liu Xia is free, her younger brother Liu Hui remains in China. She had long asked for him to be allowed to travel with her, fearing that Chinese authorities might hold him hostage.


The Pulse Podcast (14-7-2018): Liu Xia in Germany, 709 Anniversary

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