HK Law Society’s Council Election

首先,我尊重會員的選擇,而在票數中能看到,需要承認建制派支持的候選人之動員能力非常強,最高票數是一千九百六十幾票。即使達明在選委會的投票裡,他是票王,但在是次選舉都只是最後一個僅僅入局。-人權律師 林耀強 (Kenneth Lam)

There was keen competition last week for the five seats up for grabs on the Law Society’s 20-member council. This year, six new candidates joined the race, out of a total nine candidates.

The new candidates include legal scholar Eric Cheung, who won his bid for a seat on the council, although he did receive the least votes of the winning five. Kenneth Lam, a human rights lawyer and former student leader didn’t make it.

The other three new candidates – Pierre Chan, Karen Lam and Careen Wong – are supported by pro-Beijing legislator and former Law Society president Junius Ho. All three were elected with record highs of almost 2,000 votes each, most of them proxy votes.

One of the controversies in the results is the exceedingly high number of proxy votes for the leading candidates: Chan, Lam and Wong. Each received more than 1,400 proxy votes.

Appointing a proxy means you allow a third party to make the voting decision for you.

A comparison of this year’s proxy votes to those from last year and the year before reveals there were more this year than the previous two. The three leading pro-establishment candidates had nearly three times as many proxy votes as last year’s winners.


The Pulse Podcast (02-6-2018): HK Law Society’s Council Election & Interview with Eric Cheung

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