Ethnic Kazakhs in China’s Re-education Camps

As we reported last week, detainees in China’s re-education camps are not only Uyghurs but also ethnic Kazakhs.

Kazakhstan shares a 660-mile border with China. Many of those lucky enough to be released from the re-education camps say they were physically and emotionally traumatised by the experiences.

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Intellectuals in China’s Re-education Camps

In our final report, our producer reports from Almaty, Kazakhstan on how intellectuals and professionals are being sent to the re-education centres, despite hardly being in need of “vocational training”.

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Muslims in China and Kazakhstan

China has faced growing criticism over its detention of more than one million Uyghurs and other Muslims in re-education camps in Xinjiang. The region is now one of China’s most heavily policed areas.

But there’re signs that other regions in mainland China plan to follow the example of Xinjiang’s re-education camps and tighten their grip on the Islamic faithful.

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Recycling Red Packets/ Laisee

The Year of the Pig arrived on February 5th.

In Chinese tradition, the pig is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and for most young people, their first touch of newfound wealth for each Lunar New Year comes in the form of money-filled red packets or envelopes, known as “lai see” in Cantonese.

It’s a traditional way to share your good fortune.

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Human Genome Editing

Last month, He Jiankui became the centre of a global firestorm when he publicly claimed that he had created the world’s first embryos genetically edited to be resistant to HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS.

Speaking to a room packed with over 200 reporters and scientists at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the University of Hong Kong, He revealed that another pregnancy involving a genetically-modified embryo is under way.

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Dr Jane Goodall in Hong Kong

Jane Goodall was 26 when she travelled from England to what is now Tanzania in July 1960. Since then her research on primates and wildlife conservation has transformed understanding of chimpanzees and their environment.

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Para-athletes in HK

Over 3,000 athletes with disabilities from 43 Asian countries and regions, took part in the third Asian Para Games in Jakarta, which ended on October 13th.

Hong Kong sent a 173-member delegation. By the end of the competition, its athletes ranked 10th on the medal tally with 11 gold, 16 silver and 21 bronze medals.

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