Dr Jane Goodall in Hong Kong

Jane Goodall was 26 when she travelled from England to what is now Tanzania in July 1960. Since then her research on primates and wildlife conservation has transformed understanding of chimpanzees and their environment.

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Human Genome Editing

Last month, He Jiankui became the centre of a global firestorm when he publicly claimed that he had created the world’s first embryos genetically edited to be resistant to HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS.

Speaking to a room packed with over 200 reporters and scientists at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the University of Hong Kong, He revealed that another pregnancy involving a genetically-modified embryo is under way.

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Taiwan’s Regional Elections

In this weekend’s regional elections in Taiwan, over 20,000 candidates are running for more than 11,000 positions in public office.

In the previous local election four years ago, candidates from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) made significant gains over the then-ruling Kuomintang (KMT). The party won 13 out of Taiwan’s 22 mayoral and county magistrate seats, leaving the KMT with six and independent candidates with three. The DPP is currently the ruling party in the Legislative Yuan.

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Para-athletes in HK

Over 3,000 athletes with disabilities from 43 Asian countries and regions, took part in the third Asian Para Games in Jakarta, which ended on October 13th.

Hong Kong sent a 173-member delegation. By the end of the competition, its athletes ranked 10th on the medal tally with 11 gold, 16 silver and 21 bronze medals.

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TRAVEL VLOG – Us three in Ishigaki 2018

This is my first travel vlog recording my trip to Ishigaki with two of my closest friends, Priscilla and Yannie. From filming to editing, I’m glad I was able to transfer my knowledge and skills in reviving some of the best moments of the journey.

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Liu Xia in Germany

Her arms wide open, Liu Xia embraces the first taste of freedom after years of round-the-clock surveillance. These photos were taken on Tuesday, during a stopover at Helsinki Airport, just hours after she had left Beijing.

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HK Law Society’s Council Election

There was keen competition last week for the five seats up for grabs on the Law Society’s 20-member council. This year, six new candidates joined the race, out of a total nine candidates.

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