World Health Organisation’s Handling of Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been criticised for its slowness in declaring the coronavirus to be a global pandemic, and for defending China’s handling of the epidemic.

A few places have seemed to have things more under control though. One of them is Taiwan.

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Academic Freedom in Hong Kong

In private conversations with The Pulse, more than two dozen academics working in tertiary education expressed concerns about the law’s impact on freedom of expression and the lack of guidance from the institutions in which they work.

Several high-profile incidents this year particularly worry them.

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《早辰 早晨》: 連坐法處理?


早前宣布流亡嘅立法會前議員許智峯,目前身處英國,佢同家人嘅至少 5 個銀行戶口一度被凍結,佢形容被凍結嘅資產係佢畢生嘅儲蓄。


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2020 US Presidential Election Results Updates

On 6th November, 2020, we still find the US presidential race too close to call. Attention never swayed from the toss-up states, we are still getting updates from our correspondents on the ground and fact-checking with international news agencies.

Millions of Americans have voted earlier by mail. And the waiting game continues as there are a couple of battleground swing states still too close to call. Let’s look at some of the election updates at our newly-built virtual set as votes are still counting.

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Disinformation in the US election 2020

Trump is a prolific Twitter user. He uses the social media platform to criticise his opponents and promote his policies. Some fact-checkers and social media analysts have criticised him as a “superspreader” of misinformation.

In this week’s show, we look at how misinformation and disinformation on social media are influencing the US elections, including the rise of QAnon, its relationship with Trump, and more importantly, the responses taken by technology giants on tackling disinformation.

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Interview with AIDS expert & virologist Dr David Ho (何大一)

As Covid-19 continues to ravage societies and blight or even end the lives of many, scientists are looking for different types of therapeutic treatments to treat and prevent the coronavirus. One such initiative involves antibodies.

In this week’s show, we talked to Dr David Ho online about his recent pioneering research into using human antibodies to fight Covid-19.

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